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About this Episode


IIn this captivating and inspiring solo episode with Karlee, she chronicles her journey to creating the Podcast and the revelation that sparked its inception during a period of illness and rest.

From the original title, "Remember Your Magic," to the discovery of the ultimate title, "Leave Room for the Magic," Karlee shares the dilemma of renaming the already recorded episode and embracing the courage to finally pursue her dreams and make The Magic happen.

Unveiling the essence of "Remember Your Magic”. Karlee delves into the significance of the words in the podcast's original title.

Show notes

  • Karlee shares insights into the making of the podcast and the journey to its creation.
  • Hear about the moment of inspiration that led to the creation of the podcast and its original title, "Remember Your Magic."
  • She shares her revelation about the true meaning of rest and its role in rejuvenation.
  • Karlee reflects on her background and how the power of synchronicities and magical experiences show up in her own life, including the significance of 11:11 and her late Aunt Wendy's spiritual influence.
  • Hear how the sharing stories of magic can help individuals notice and embrace the magic within their own lives.
  • Karlee shares how a post-it note sitting right under her nose sparked a realization for the perfect title and concept for her podcast and the dilemma of releasing the already recorded episode under a different title.
  • As Karlee shares her corporate journey and spiritual awakening, she talks about sitting at the intersection of magic and financial planning. Bridging the gap between emotions and practicality.
  • Karlee discusses two seminal books along her personal development journey - Power vs. Force by Dr. David R. Hawkins & Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford
  • Unveiling the essence of "Remember Your Magic”. Karlee delves into the significance of the words in the podcast's original title.
  • She shares the parable of The Golden Buddha from the movie, Finding Joe, as a metaphor for our personal development.
  • Karlee acknowledges that spiritual talk may not always be welcome in corporate settings, but encourages listeners to embrace their full selves, integrating their corporate and spiritual aspects.
  • Karlee invites listeners to share their stories of synchronicity and magic.Stories can be submitted via email at
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Karlee Vukets

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Episode Transcript

Welcome to Leave Room For The Magic! A podcast that invites you to embrace the wonder, beauty, and messiness, woven into the fabric of everyday life. In the show, we'll bridge the gap between the practical and the spiritual, providing inspiration, tips, and tools from our featured guests. So without further ado, let's go make some magic.

Hello, my loves. Welcome back to leave room for the magic. Today's episode is going to be a little different. There is no featured guests for the day. You just have me.

Today's episode is actually the very first recorded episode of the podcast that I recorded back in December 2022. Now, remember, this podcast didn't launch until June 2023.

And before I let you dive into the episode, as I had recorded it back in December, I wanted to give you a bit of backstory so you can fully appreciate the context and the magic of it. As I start any episode, I wanted to share my intention with you today. The intention of this episode is to give you some insights into the making of the podcast, the long journey it took before I had the courage to actually take the steps and finally do the damn thing.

My hope and intention for you is to recognize that the final product may look smooth and shiny, but there is and there was a long journey to get to that point. For us all. There's always a journey.

So when you find yourself dreaming a dream or getting frustrated that it hasn't happened yet. Just know that it took me seven years to actually turn this little dream I had into a reality.

And I hope that gives you comfort, along the way, in whatever journey you're embarking on. In November, 2022, I had the pleasure of taking two weeks out of my business to unplug and enjoy my very overdue honeymoon. Shortly after returning, I developed a horrible cough that had me quite sick and tired for three weeks. I couldn't talk very well. My cough kept me up. So I wasn't sleeping that much either.

At the time I was working with my own life coach as well as a Theta healer, and I was venting how I felt so upset and guilty that I couldn't be more present for work and my clients after already having taken two weeks off for the honeymoon. And now I was knocked on my butt for another two weeks without being super productive at work.

And I was commiserating with them about not getting better quick enough. And trust me, I know I can be super hard on myself, but it does get tough allowing yourself to be sick and rest as a solo business owner operator.

So I was letting them know that I felt like, I didn't know how to rest anymore. I was trying to give my body enough rest. Didn't it get enough rest on the honeymoon and what else could I do to rest? Because the advice I was getting was give yourself time to rest. And my theta healer said something that really blew my mind.

She said, Karlee, rest isn't just lying horizontal and watching Netflix. And it was such a simple statement and maybe other people know this, but to me, that was what rest looked like up to this point in my life. I started to think of rest more around what would rejuvenate me. That light bulb went off. Okay, if it's not resting and lying and just kind of zoning out, what could I do that could actually rejuvenate me and maybe that would be restful.

So things like cooking and nourishing my body. Things like gardening, putting my hands and feet in the earth, which I couldn't really do in December. And as we were signing off the session, she said, one day you might even learn what it feels like to rest while you are working and then she's like, okay, bye.

I could, barely even comprehend what she said, but it sounded revolutionary to me, and I had to try and figure out what she meant by that. So, I went back to my desk, opened my computer, because I can type faster than I can write, and so I started to think about the type of work that would rejuvenate me, and I just started to type, ask myself questions, and kind of process what she had just said.

And instantly I thought about this podcast idea that has been on the tip of my tongue, the tip of my passion. And at the time it was just a dream with no name, no action steps have been taken to make that dream a reality. And over the next eight hours, I had figured out a title, I had written a first episode, and as my husband went out to the Leafs game for work, I went upstairs, showered, put some makeup on, took all the throat lozenges I could, and attempted to record the episode to keep up the momentum and excitement that I was feeling around it.

So you may hear a couple coughs in the show, but on a day where I was coughing every 30 seconds, I managed to suppress them enough to get out, what I think it's a lovely first episode.

And then it was promptly followed by a massive coughing fit post recording, but I did get it recorded and it was done in the same beautiful, inspired energy in which the writing all flowed through. So that was fun. And that was rejuvenating to me.

So you might be asking why wasn't this released as the first episode?

Well, because the journey didn't end there and that wasn't just the initial beginnings. The original title of the podcast was "Remember Your Magic", which you will hear my explanation of that title during our… the original first episode that I'll play for you shortly. The next day I was doing my original form of resting again, watching Netflix.

And I heard the phrase "leave room for the magic". And instantly, I knew that was going to be the title of the podcast, but I thought, what about this great episode that I just recorded? Which very distinctly calls the podcast, Remember Your Magic, and explains that title? Do I have to rewrite it and record, re record it all?

I loved the state that I had recorded it in. So I kind of wanted to keep it pure. So before I did anything, I started floating both names and ideas to a few trusted friends who were in my intended audience. And I knew in my gut that I wanted the title to be Leave Room for the Magic, but I didn't want to rewrite and lose the magic of the first episode written under a moment of pure inspiration for me.

Then one of my friends, Alessia Scauzillo, whom you heard for on the last episode of the show, said to me… So what? You can still release it as is. Take your audience on the journey of the show. Maybe someone needs to hear what you had to say that day and how you said it.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. That's what solidified it for me.

So here we are. Alessia, thank you for that great advice that allowed me to move forward and make a decision and keep the momentum rolling on this thing. It is now July 2023, just a week before this podcast episode will go live. And I admittedly hadn't listened to this original episode since December, as I was a bit nervous about it, to be honest, and didn't exactly know how to adapt it to the new show and the new title.

It turns out you will hear a few of the repetitive stories from previous and upcoming episodes, but c'est la vie. I think they're said in a little bit of a different way, so maybe you'll take something new from them. There are a lot of gems and wisdoms that come together, and hopefully we'll give you some more context about this podcast and the inspiration behind it all.

To all who are listening today, I am thrilled to share this fun solo episode with you straight from my heart. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. Let's go make some magic.


Hi my loves. Welcome to the podcast, Remember Your Magic. My name is Karlee, and I will be your host of this beautiful adventure.

You didn't find this podcast by accident, and I am confident that there will be some sort of message for you in this next 30 minutes of the podcast. I truly believe you found your way here because there is a nugget of wisdom that will come through for you during this episode today. I'm not sure what that is for you yet, only you're going to be able to know that for yourself.

But if this episode does hit a chord with you, please reach out to me to share. I'll be sharing the email at the end of this episode. Because these are the stories and the synchronicities that this podcast is all about. We are all about sharing the stories of magic, with the goal of helping you remember the magic that is within yourself.

This podcast will help translate between the spiritual and the corporate worlds so that you can figure out how to infuse magic in your everyday life. No matter which end of that spectrum you fall on. These are not stories about, witchcraft and wizardry. Although some stories may feel a little surreal and supernatural.

But typically there will be stories of everyday life, everyday miracles. These are stories about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, or extraordinary things that happen to ordinary people. These are stories about beautiful synchronicities that feel like coincidence to the untrained eye. But feels more like magic to those who are looking for it.

So whether you are a corporate go getter who has a hidden spiritual side, maybe you wear crystals in your bra, or if you're an entrepreneur who's looking to create magic in your business and manifest something beautiful, or a spiritual woo woo type who experiences and openly talks about magic on a regular basis, Or perhaps you may be all of the above or none of the above, but you stumbled upon this episode today.

This podcast is for you. Welcome. I am so thrilled to have you here. This is episode one. Let's make some magic.


My loves. It is a true pleasure to be with you here today. It feels like a long time coming. This, today's episode is all about who I am, my long journey to arrive at this podcast, and setting a powerful intention as we begin this series.

I've been wanting to make a podcast for over six years now, but I've always held myself back.

There's so much I wanted to speak about that it was hard for me to narrow it down and figure out what the focus of a podcast would be if I were to make one up. Every time I dreamt of a title and that would lend itself to a cool, serious idea, I would search for it, and a handful of podcasts would already come up with the exact same title or the exact same concept.

Elizabeth Gilbert, one of my favorite authors, the author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic, wrote something that always stuck with me. She claimed and put forth the theory that ideas are things, etheric things that are out there floating around looking for somebody to grab them and make them a reality, almost like they're looking for human hosts to bring them to fruition in this world.

And when the time is right for them, to make their way into our reality. Sometimes multiple people pick up on the same inspiration or the same idea. Like they hedge these ideas, hedge their bets to make sure that they come through at the right time. Which would explain the concept of multiple discovery where, two people on different sides of the world who have no interaction, could come up with the same concept or discover the same theory at the same time.

In business corporate language, this is often called a preconception phase of the idea. You know, it's something that's over here that hasn't quite been put into action yet.

So whenever I saw somebody that already snagged an idea that I had had, I would wish them well, not going to lie, at first I would swear, and then I would wish them well and wait until another stroke of podcast inspiration hit.

So as a side note, one of the things you'll come to learn about me and that you should know about me is that I have a very deep corporate side and a very deep spiritual side.

I study and live in both of these worlds and love translating the language and the concepts between the two because I don't see them as separate. I see them as two ends of a sliding spectrum and depending on who I'm talking to. I do my best to find where they fall under that spectrum and meet them with the language of where they're at.

So if we think about the corporate language around an idea being in preconception phase and that it would have to go through conception to metaphorically be birthed by somebody. And I think this is why many entrepreneurs refer to their businesses as their babies. They actually helped birth that idea into this world.

So is it really that far off to frame ideas as things like Elizabeth Gilbert did? Etheric things or fairy dusts of inspiration looking for a human host at the right time? If Elizabeth Gilbert's concept sounds too woo woo for you corporate folks, just know we're talking about the same thing in different language.

Throughout this series you can hear, expect to hear more translation of concepts and ideas to hopefully speak to you depending on, where you fall under the spectrum. All corporate, woo woo, and sometimes scientific language will be welcome here. And I will do my best to translate.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand.

How did the idea of Remember Your Magic, fall on my lap, and why is it time that I am birthing this baby into reality? Well, another cliché saying, is that what you are looking for is right under your nose, and I have been looking for a podcast idea for six years. So finally, today I sat down and I said, okay, let me go through this one more time.

I'm going to write all my podcast ideas out, search them on any podcast platform to see if they already exist. And I'll triple check the ones that I've already checked just to make sure because who knows, maybe the other podcast disappeared somehow and now I can make it. So as I was doing this, I looked down just below my nose and I saw this post it says, remember your magic.

And it's a saying that I would occasionally sign off on emails to certain clients of mine, who I know have a spiritual side to them. And often I would do this to encourage them to remember their magic. And when I did, I'd often get these incredible stories and emails back from them, of a magical synchronicity that occurred after I nudged them.

And I realized that perhaps I needed to remind myself of that phrase every so often. So a few months ago, I wrote it on a post it and stuck it on my computer. And there it was. The idea was right under my nose. So stories of magic excite me. They light me up. I feel energized, giddy, and renewed when I hear of people's stories of synchronicities.

And when I feel safe to share some of mine. I've had many magical stories and synchronicities happen throughout the last decade of my life, and probably even earlier than that, that I wasn't necessarily conscious to at the time. And I get such a renewed sense of inspiration and excitement when people share these stories too.

So why now? Why do I think that now is the right time for this idea to come to reality? Well, I think we're due for an infusion of good news and exciting and not just exciting in a big way, but just these everyday things that make life beautiful. And I think we can shine a spotlight on some of these stories, because when we hear it in other people, maybe it'll help us notice and identify those stories in our own life and our own day to day. And I think we just need a little bit more of that right now. And I hope you agree with me.

So let me rewind and tell you a little bit about my background to help you understand the journey that brought me here today. Because I wasn't always so open about talking about this stuff or even aware of the concept of magic and synchronicities.

I grew up with a burning passion for dance. Karlee and dance were practically synonymous for those who knew me growing up. And if you knew me growing up, chances are you saw me at a dance show at one point or another. Both my parents are accountants though, they weren't dancers, they weren't artists, and I did inherit their business mind as well.

So throughout high school, I found myself dancing between the creative and logical sides of my brain. And when it came time to go to university, I found a program called the Business of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. And I figured it was the perfect undergrad degree that could marry both my logical and my creative brain.

As you can see, I'm full of dualities. I often fall in the middle of any spectrum. Creative and logical. Corporate and spiritual. But the concept of magic and synchronicities? That seed had been planted at me through an early age through my grandmother. But not necessarily in those words. Because she didn't really use the words magic and synchronicities. But she was always fond of seeing 11 11. Make a wish. And she seemed to see it like an abnormal, like, an unusual, abnormal amount is the word I'm looking for.

She passed away, unfortunately, when I was preteen. And my whole extended family, after she passed, would see 11 11 at just the times we needed it. And not just on the clock either. We always said it was her way of saying hello to us, and us knowing that she was with us. But like I said, not just on the clock.

So some examples of that, after a dance show, I would go to get ice cream or go get a treat and the price would be 11. 11. Or after I graduated university, the hotel we stayed at, my room number was 11. 11. And when my grandfather passed, we realized it was 11 years later. And then all of a sudden it clicked for me. My grandmother passed two days after my 11th birthday and my grandfather passed when I was 22. 11 plus 11. So 1111 is now tattooed in Roman numerals on my forearm to commemorate them. So that was my first little taste of magic and some beautiful synchronicities.

Additionally, my late aunt Wendy, she was very spiritual and dare I say... a little magical, a little clairvoyant. Everyone loved my Aunt Wendy. I always saw, say, I always say that my mom and my and her sisters are kindness in human form. My Aunt Wendy and her family lived in different cities than us growing up, so I didn't fully appreciate her spiritual side and her gifts until a much later age.

I always knew she had a spiritual side. But until I really started to explore the magic within myself and my own spirituality, I truly didn't appreciate the gifts that she had to offer. So you will likely hear me talk a lot about my Aunt Wendy throughout this podcast, because she's one of the inspirations that helped spark this idea six years ago for me.

She called me out of the blue one day, which wasn't super common for her. And she called me from a waiting room at her doctor's office just to tell me, Angel… she called everybody Angel, she called me… Angel, I have seen you on a talk show, hosting a talk show and listening to people's stories. And I hadn't been telling her what I had been going through personally and the spiritual side of me that was waking up and in this life transition I'll tell you about in a moment. But it reinforced this small voice inside of me that had been craving to start a podcast. So I know that she is dancing and celebrating as we speak.

So let's jump over to my corporate side. As I mentioned, I went, to university I moved from Toronto to Los Angeles, and as Miley Cyrus puts it, "I had a dream and my cardigan"… and I was all corporate.

I was ready to make my mark on Los Angeles and forge my path. Spiritual magical side of me, wasn't conscious and awake at that point. I started taking some internships in the entertainment industry and developed a strong passion for live TV production and film festivals. I think it stems from my love of a curtain rising at a dance show and watching the show unfold in real time.

There was an adrenaline rush to it that I just loved, and I never felt that when I was studying movie production or regular TV series production. I ran a student film festival at USC and was fortunate enough to land an internship at the LA Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival in France. After I graduated, I worked on shows such as American Idol and the Billboard Music Awards.

One of my favorite experiences was when I had the opportunity to intern for one of my idols, Don Misher, and his team at the Primetime Emmy Awards. It's a job of a lifetime. I loved it. I loved the adrenaline of it. I loved the glitz and glam. And when I was in LA, through school and through my work, that's where some of the spiritual seeds got planted.

I had a meditation guy who I worked with from time to time. I'm not sure how else to describe him, so I'm just going to go meditation guy for now. But he introduced me to tarot and to some wonderful books, such as ‘The Dark Side of the Light Chaser’ by Debbie Ford and ‘Power Versus Force’ by Dr. David Hawkins.

And those are two seminal books that I still reference and work with both personally and professionally over a decade later. I'll put a link to them in the show notes. But he would do cranial sacral healing with me and walk me through visualizations to help me with whatever I was struggling and going through, struggling with and going through at the time.

Towards the end of my time in LA, I also saw a woman who did another form of healing modality called DNA Theta Healing, and I'll never forget a session where it looked as if something hit her and she said, "Oh, you don't believe in magic, do you?" I looked at her skeptically and I was like, I'm a Harry Potter fan, but I don't know that I believe in magic.

She was like…’ okay. That's stuck with me. I don't really know the rest of our conversation, but that part of the conversation always stuck with me. I was like, wait, what do you mean magic? I had no knowledge of the everyday synchronicities that could feel like magic or the things that felt like the universe were winking at you.

That just wasn't part of my world at the time, or not consciously at least, even though in hindsight was kind of still happening in the background. So after a few years of climbing the corporate ladder in the entertainment industry, for me, I found the glitz and glam started to fade. I would go home at night and wasn't super happy and I didn't understand why.

But looking back, I realized there was an absence of love and not just romantic love, but there was just, an absence of love that work couldn't fill when I went home at night, and I didn't know how to cultivate that within myself. So when it came time to renew my work visa, I made the difficult decision to move back to Toronto to be closer to my family and to change careers.

I've heard the most stressful times in life are death, illness, divorce, career change, and moving to a new city. And I decided to do two of those at once. Career change and moving to a new city. And it was a difficult year and a bit to say the least.

Emotionally and financially, I had incredible support and help from my parents for which I'm forever grateful. It was during this transition when I started working with a coach and subsequently took my own coaching training. That's when my spiritual side really started to blossom and those seeds that were planted started to unfold.

During my coaching training with CTI, the Coactive Training Institute, we started to do formal exercises and tools that resembled some of the visualization work that I'd done with my meditation guy in LA. And one of my friends in the course, who worked in corporate HR, looked at me and said, you know, some of these exercises are really like, woo woo.

I looked back and I said, really? Cause. I was just about to say that these feel corporate compared to the spiritual exercises I've done with my meditation guy. So we both laughed.

I realized then that perhaps I've never been fully corporate because I think I've been more corporate adjacent. You know, I don't think the entertainment industry is fully corporate, you know. Anyways, at the time I also started writing more. And I wrote a piece called ‘Same Feeling Different Words’. It's partially inspired by that conversation I had between my friend and I in coaching training, where I started to see that even in the English language, we could be using the same words, but mean different things, or we could be using different words to describe the same feeling.

So I thought of that exercise as corporate. The corporate guy thought of it as woo woo, right? Same words, different feeling. But then again, sometimes we can say two different things. But the essence of what we're trying to say is the same. So shortly after my coach, and I think that's where, if I go back to that for a second, I think that's where my love of this translation came in because I could see the through line between the corporate and the spiritual worlds.

And so if at any point in this podcast, you feel uncomfortable with the language that's being used, I encourage you rather than dismiss it, ask yourself, if this was put in another way, would that speak to me? Right? What is the language in which I use that they're talking about? Rather than say magic. I don't believe in magic.

Well, what's meant by magic? Right? How are they using it in this context? How does it feel magical? And by magical, I mean, inspiring and uplifting, right? So a lot of you, no matter where you're joining us from, are going to resonate with different things, and that's totally okay. But I also encourage you to do some translating on your side as well, if you hear something that initially doesn't land.

So shortly after my coaching training, I decided to follow in my parents footsteps and enter into the world of financial advising. I saw my dad doing some work with his clients and I went, oh, you're just like a life coach for these families, but with numbers. And he went, Yeah, I think I know why you'd like this. I think I know why you think I'd like this industry. So I gave it a shot, excuse me.

My coaching colleagues remarked that it was like a total left turn from coaching, but they didn't understand that financial planning would be my modality of coaching that I could coach and work with the numbers. I actually see my financial planning as my modality of healing.

Some people are acupuncturists. Some people are therapists. I am a financial therapist, one could call me. But I've used my gifts of translating in this world, too, because the financial jargon can be overwhelming for most people to navigate in their own financial lives. And I also help them navigate bridging that gap between the emotional side of finances and the practical.

Right? So you may be asking yourself, well, why is a certified financial planner starting a podcast about stories of "Magic". That doesn't seem very practical, or logical, or numerical. And this is where the beauty of my history and experiences weave together. Because in my work as a financial planner, I started to notice something.

You know, my whole job at planning, for your financial future, is to understand your goals in life and your path towards financial independence, which most people call retirement. It's my job to help create that numerical path to create based on my predictions of what's going to happen in your future. But also make some assumptions about what that path looks for you, numerically and start to identify what could go wrong along that path, to help you navigate some inevitable, possible speed bumps that could come up along your journey.

But I, in my work, I have realized that if you plan too hard and you're too obsessive about the numbers. You don't leave room for the magic.

Right. Because life, even though you think it's going to be this way, you start to take it one degree different. And as you go down, you're far apart from where you thought you would be. So let's leave a little bit of room for the magic and other possibilities. I often say to people, let's plan for this, but let's invite something even better.

Something that we can't predict now based on the opportunities that are here today. But what are the opportunities that are going to be in front of you? Let's leave room for those. Let's invite those in. So I want people to remember their magic in financial planning, in their lives, because perhaps you have a goal for your life, but something could happen beyond your wildest dreams that you can't even imagine today.


So there you have it, the journey that led up to the making of this podcast. While the name of the podcast has changed, I'm still so fond of the concept of Remember Your Magic. And here's a segment of the original episode where I outline what that phrase means to me and why I think it's so important to carry it with us along our journey.


So with that, I bring you this podcast, Remember Your Magic. And those words are each very strategic. So let's start with remember. Why is it remember your magic? Why not isn't just make your magic?

Because a lot of people have forgotten that they have a magic inside of them already. They're looking for their magic and a magical solution outside of themselves.

Right? They're not tapping into their natural magic and gifts that were given to them. That they were born with. They forgot them. And sometimes you forget them because you're so close to them. You think everybody has it. So you have to remember, that's something that's uniquely yours. Right? And so let me describe this parable of the golden Buddha.

I heard this parable just the other day when I was watching this wonderful movie, Finding Joe, and the parable of the golden Buddha goes something like this. In this town, there was a golden, big, beautiful golden Buddha. And the villagers in that town found out, that some warriors from a neighboring town were coming.

They were coming any minute. And they didn't want these warriors to find the Golden Buddha and take it. So they decided to hide the Golden Buddha and put some armor around it. So they slapped on some mud and some stone and they covered up this Buddha. So it just looked like a stone Buddha.

The warriors came and they didn't find anything spectacular. They just saw the stone Buddha and left it alone. But they stayed in the town for a while. And that generation of villagers died off. And when the next generation came, nobody remembered that there was a golden Buddha underneath the stone Buddha.

Until one day, one of the villagers was praying beside the Buddha. And as they went to go get up, a piece of the stone fell away from the Buddha's hand to reveal a small sliver of gold lying underneath, and these villagers all came and they chipped away the stone and revealed this magnificent golden Buddha. And isn't that a wonderful metaphor and a parable for our lives and our personal development.

Over time, we forget about our own unique essence. And we put in this armor of things we think we should, or things we're told we should be, or things we're told who we are, and it covers up the magic that's inside of us. And then a lot of times we spend our adult years trying to chip away and find that innermost us and our innermost magic.

So remembering your magic is remembering that the golden Buddha is already inside us.

Remembering "your."

Why is it your?

Why is it just remember the magic? There's magic everywhere. Remember the magic. Why is it your magic? Well, because I feel like I have a personal belief that your magic is unique to you. And even if you have the same or similar gifts as someone else, there's a different flavor of it. Maybe something about it is slightly different.

I'll give you another example of it. One time I was at this concert and there were these two magnificent child prodigies. A young woman played the piano and she wrote operas by the time she was eight. Okay. There was another young gentleman who he was in his teenage years and he starts to describe this story, how his mother and him were listening to music and he has this gift called Synesthesia, where he sees colors at the same time he hears music. So he was with his mother and he said, Mom, the music looks beautiful. She said, No, it sounds beautiful. He said, no, it looks beautiful.

This particular mother had seen years before a documentary about Synesthesia. And it's not like all of us just have seen documentaries of Synesthesia. So the chance that this mother saw a documentary years prior that she probably forgot about, and then one word, it looks beautiful, not sounds beautiful. She hears her son say it and realizes maybe my son has this thing. That he did. Right?

That is the magic. That is the everyday magic. What are the chances that she saw that documentary and her son would have them? So he tells this story and the little female prodigy, she goes, oh my gosh, I can see it too. I can see music too. So they start comparing notes. What colors do you see? What colors do you see? They saw a lot of the same colors, but there was differences in some of their vision.

So that's why I always say, even if you have the same tastes and the same gift as somebody else, it could be a slightly different flavor. So figuring out what's your magic, because oftentimes when I hear about other people's gifts and other people's magic, I get really jealous. I'm like, you can see music? That sounds incredible. I wish I could see music, but I've got gifts within myself, that other people wish they could have as well.

And so it's recognizing what are my own gifts and remembering my own gifts.

And then there's magic. And I know that sounds like a super woo woo spiritual world. But I'm also just talking about commonplace magic and you know what? I enjoy talking about magic.

So remembering your magic often like cultivates this female witchy energy when you talk about magic, especially if you're a woman and talking about magic, people are like, you're a witch. I had a friend of mine, I was doing some card tricks for them at a party and they go, you're a witch, you're a witch, you're a witch, witch, witch, witch… and I was like… (laughs)

But this Remember Your Magic podcast is not only for women, but for those of you who are listening today that feel the magical witchy spirit inside of you. For the folks whose feminine energies and magic have been suppressed. For all of us who hide our magic, for fear of persecution, and fear of being called a witch.

There is a great saying circulating the internet, and I've tried to find the attribution and I can't, so if you know it, please let me know. But the saying goes like this: Who knows why we were taught to fear the witches rather than the people who burned them alive?

What a great question.

To my witches out there, I see you, I feel you, and I love you. Your witchy ways are welcome here. And for our corporate folks who joined us today, thank you for sticking with me. If you have this spiritual inkling and curiosity inside you, or perhaps you have a vast spiritual closet that you live in outside of your work hours, I am so thrilled you found your way to this community.

I know that spiritual talk and language is not often welcome in the corporate world, but your full self is welcome here. I call myself both the closet spiritualist and the corporate spiritualist, because I work in the financial industry. There's not a lot of talk about healing and spirituality. So although I feel like now I'm out of the spiritual closet with this podcast, but, needless to say, both your corporate and your spiritual sides are welcome, here.

And for the entrepreneurs who are joining, there's so much magic that you can create. My good friend, Anita and I, who she's also a business owner. We have conversations all the time. That entrepreneurship is a journey of spiritual development, and I am hoping to have her on this podcast so you can hear it from her lips. We have some very juicy conversations on this topic.

But there is so much magic and manifesting and gentle feminine energy, that can be brought into business. And one example I always give is setting intentions, right? How often do we just go after something mindlessly and we push and we push and we push and have that very masculine, gotta get stuff done, right?

Versus we sit, we set an intention. We call in the universe to help us, and we see and we dance with what's to come and we create in that way. That's a fun energy to be in.

Am I in it every single day? Not always, but I try. And intentions are one of those things, and setting powerful intentions. So I set intentions before my client meetings.

Even if I know that client doesn't have much of a spiritual side, I'm going to be talking a lot more on the financial jargon, corporate spectrum for this meeting. I still set a beautifully spiritual intention before that meeting, right? And then some clients. show me their spiritual closet and I go, oh, we can talk in this language now. Fantastic. Let's have these conversations. I can meet you there too.

So it's a lot of fun at the end of the day, this podcast just isn't just for you. This podcast is also for me. It's to help me remember my magic. To help inspire me through your stories of magic, because I know I'm not going to be the only one inspired by them.

The timing for this podcast is right. The timing for remember your magic is ready to come to fruition. And I'm finally ready to dive in. Without knowing the final outcome. And I'm so excited where this journey and these shows will take me and where these shows and stories will take you to. Because these won't just be my stories of magic.

I will be interviewing guests about their stories. So together we can all strengthen our belief in magic. We can celebrate and marvel at the magical stories and put more energy of this world into some fun, cool magic showing up in this world. It is all around us, so let's take some time to notice and share.


If you have a story of synchronicity and magic, I would love to hear about it. Please submit your story via email at That's That email will also be in our show note. And I would love to anonymously share a compilation of these stories if I can get enough of them to feature as a podcast episode where I go through different stories and even maybe select somebody to be a guest, a featured guest on that episode.

So feel free to send them in. I would love to read about them. And if it's something you don't want to share or don't want me to share on air, feel free to just let me know via email when you email me and I will not share it. But one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Gabby Bernstein, has always said that our angels love to show off.

So by sharing these stories of synchronicity that have happened to you and that we're sharing on our show, I'm hoping to continue to breed more of these stories in our worlds.

So cheers to you, cheers to our magic and cheers to the magic out of us. With immense love and gratitude, I hope you have a magical day.

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